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And Darkness Brought Light - Abstract Portrait Art - Vanity Pop - Collage Portrait - Original Acrylic Painting & Wall Decor - Vakseen Art


"And Darkness Brought Light“ is a vibrant, original 8 x 8 inch acrylic painting on wood from our Vanity Pop Collection. This colorful design by Los Angeles artist Vakseen is the perfect wall decor for your home, office or dorm!

Detailed views of "And Darkness Brought Light," an 8x8 inch acrylic PAINTING (yes, 100% hand-painted) on wood panel.

Through this piece, I aim to convey that true growth and understanding can only emerge from the depths of our darkest moments. The darkness represents the unknown, the uncomfortable, and the parts of ourselves we often try to hide. Yet, it is in these depths that we discover our inner strength, our resilience, and our capacity for transformation.

This painting is an invitation to embrace the darkness, to confront our fears, and to trust in the potential for rebirth. For it is in the darkness that we find the seeds of light, and it is through our willingness to confront the unknown that we may discover our true power.


Each original painting is 100% hand-painted and comes unframed, prewired to hang, hand-signed (on the back) and includes a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

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