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Heart in the Paint 2 Jacket - Original 1/1 Unisex Jacket - Custom Art Shirt & Apparel - Vakseen Art


"Heart In the Paint 2" is a vibrant, 1 of 1 unisex jacket created while working on my "Heart In the Paint" acrylic painting for Slam Magazine. This unique piece is unisex, size L, and was created on a LEE Riders Indigo jacket. The front features the word "LOVE/LIVE" with an infinity symbol, the left sleeve features "CREATE", and the right sleeve features "VIBRATE". You'll discover quite a few other hidden gems within the design as well. 

It's pretty common for artists to get paint all over themselves, but when I create, I intentionally use my clothing to wipe excess paint. After a few friends fell in love with my personal pieces, I was asked to create custom apparel. From that point, I decided to embellish each piece with a little more intention.

This is a functional jacket that is meant to be worn and grab attention. I've washed my personal pieces in the washer & dryer with miniscule damage or alterations, but I recommend you wash by hand only. Based on your usage, it's normal for some areas to slightly alter over time, especially if worn consistently. While it doesn't happen often, paint may flake. 

This colorful design by Los Angeles artist Vakseen is the perfect fashion accessory to show your distinct style!

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